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Being healthy is not a privilege – It is your right

Healthcare is one of the most expensive life issues. A helping hand is especially needed if you don’t have time to visit your physician and order a regular prescription. There are legal ways to improve your well-being, save money in case if you’re limited in budget, and have regular online consultations with experienced medical professionals.

5 Principles We Stick To:

  1. We legally cooperate with trustworthy drug manufacturers and strictly follow all standards of storage;
  2. We have an extensive range of medicines of all types and we don’t ask for an official prescription.
  3. We provide lower prices because we don’t have to deal with branded meds – generics have the same level of effectivity and cost considerably less;
  4. We offer regular discounts and promotions to loyal customers;
  5. We are ready to help you with an individual competent 24/7 customer service.

Get Professional Aid

Your satisfaction is our main virtue. Besides, we do our best to make our work effective. The reviews of happy customers attract new clients providing us with more information on people’s well-being. Our medication therapy management knows how to deal with the following:

  • Choose proper treatment and help you pick out the unique treatment or a course of drugs basing on your medical conditions and symptoms;
  • Treat your chronic condition;
  • Share life-saving tips on diabetes, asthma, and unpredictable problems with blood pressure.

You can easily get in contact with one of the My Canadian Pharmacy therapists and have a free consultation via web chat or phone conversation. Before you connect to one of our online specialists, make sure you’re able to answer the following questions in case if you need proper advice:

  • What health conditions you already have and what medications do you take on a regular basis?
  • Do you have troubles with managing your medication therapy?
  • Don’t you suffer from the side effects of the medication you take regularly?
  • Do you have to be strictly monitored by your physician?
  • Are you concerned about the prices of various medications?

If you are able to tell us more about your health basing on at least some of the questions above, you have good chances to get a profound consultation and professional advice.

Can I transfer my prescription?

Yes, of course. We deal with prescriptions of most insurance companies.

What about the notifications?

You can get notifications about regular refills in case if you register in the system and provide you use with your contact mobile number for notifications.

What about the delivery?

You can get our order directly to your door or via your local post office. If you’re not sure what option fits you most, contact our management service.

Over-the-Counter Medications (OTC)

Mycanadianpharmacy is ready to provide you with a huge list of the following over-the-counter generic medications:

  • Hair care;
  • Infant care;
  • Vitamins;
  • Painkillers;
  • Hygiene products for men and women;
  • Men’s healthcare products;
  • General healthcare meds.

This is only the basic list of items we offer. If you hesitate about the choice and ordering process, consult one of our online specialists via chat or email. Get our contacts at the bottom of the webpage.

Get Your Online Prescription Drugs

Our chief specification is men’s healthcare meds. We know that it’s troublesome to deal with such issues as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and numerous conditions that seriously affect your intimate life as well as your self-esteem. You already have your prescription but you feel uncomfortable about getting to one of your local drugstores in order to purchase a pack of ED pills able to beat your man’s weakness.

Online pharmacy is the best choice here. We’re able to help you with the choice of reliable drugs for:

  • Testosterone levels;
  • Penis Disorders;
  • Impotence.

The list of unpleasant diagnoses is quite long. Nevertheless, we care about your privacy and we’re ready to help you with an effective and affordable treatment course in case if you need a discreet consultation and shipping.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Be Safe from Failure

The inability to keep an erection is not simply disturbing. It results in numerous unfortunate events:

  • Relationship issues;
  • Having children;
  • Leading regular sexual life.

We know how to help you get stronger all together with a belief, that you’re a fully functioning man ready for reproduction and meeting the needs of your partner. We offer original and generic meds for your uncomfortable conditions. Here’s the list of products we offer:

  • Online order is one of the best choices for clients who value anonymity. It’s one of the typical and time-tested meds for ED.
  • A perfect ED med that works in case if you take it on a regular basis.
  • It relaxes your penile blood vessels to add up the strength to your sexual arousal.
  • A strong med that provides rick hard erections;
  • Female Viagra. Online purchases will help your partner get strong blood flow in the vaginal area for a more impressive arousal and impressive orgasms.

Our medications are safe and you shouldn’t be worried. Our low prices are explained by the direct deliveries from the manufacturers. We ‘re ready to offer you original as well as generic pills for ED treatment in case if you feel uncomfortable purchasing them in a regular drugstore.

Are over-the-counter ED drugs safe?

Yes, they are. Generic meds are made following the same regulations and rules created for branded meds. As well as the original meds, generic ED drugs have to deal with certification and other official procedures. They have the same active components in the base. Generic ED meds have an insignificant gap in matters of inactive additional components. Nevertheless, their productivity is the same.

Why are your prices low?

We work in collaboration with manufacturers that don’t have to worry about the branding process. They don’t have to invest in advertising because generic meds have the same components and effectivity and most clients know about their existence without additional advertising. They simply search for them on the Net.

Do you sell ED treatments legally?

Of course. We sell both original and generic treatments in accordance with the law.

Your Best Bet

What makes us the best among all online pharmacies is our individual approach. We sincerely want you to be safe and sound. Not all drugstores have a stably working medication therapy management. We have:

  • Incredible choice of meds;
  • Individual programs combined with regular discounts (up to 20%);
  • Free discreet consultations as well as discreet shipping;
  • Refund policy in case if something goes wrong with a medication you’ve ordered;
  • Regular notifications about the refills.

We can help you deal with your existing prescription and supply you with durable medical equipment. The meds are delivered right to your door if you need it. There’s a possibility of a private conversation with a medical specialist.

Feedbacks From My Canadian Pharmacy Customers

“I’ve never thought that professional online help is accessible. You’ve made my day, I had strong discomfort about getting to my local drugstore and purchasing my prescribe ED drugs because I live in a tiny town. You’ve managed to beat my self-doubt.” – Jason Li, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“I don’t have enough time for regular consultations with my physician. Thanks for giving me a hand with my prescription.” – Jenny, UK

“I’m new to Toronto and my American medical prescription includes ED medicines as well as pills for my chronic kidney condition. I’m happy I can get satisfying alternatives at your online pharmacy. Regular discounts are so enjoyable…” – Mikey Muller, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Gosh, you do a marvelous job!” – Jason and Stacy Bingham, Melbourne, Australia

“Thanx for aiding me with my ED treatment. I saved quite a lot and achieved great results!” – Jessy, Vancouver, Canada

“Your regular notifications are so helpful, thanks a lot!!!” – Lucy Grimes, UK

“Your management does a great job. You’re incredibly helpful!” – Randy J, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“Being in your sixties may be quite a burden if you’re in a regular relationship. You regularly help me deal with my ED issues, I’m so thankful.” – J. D., US

“Incredible!!! I spent one third less than I did on my regular prescriptions. Hope it will be effective.” – Stewart D, Georgia, USA

“I’ve always been sure that online pharmacies are a fraud. It’s been such a terrible mistake. You’re amazing!”, James Horner, USA