My Canadian Pharmacy: Scott County Center, Plateau Drugs

My Canadian Pharmacy was established in 1994. We are located in a 15,000 sq ft building in the Scott County Shopping Center. We provide traditional pharmacy services, OTCs, flu shots, MTM services, Gold Crown Hallmark Shop, cosmetic, food, hardware, knives, and much more.

How to place your first online order?

Placing an online order on Generic Viagra or requesting a prescription refill is a simple and quick process.

  1. First, visit our official website and browse through its extensive online catalogue of medications and non-medicinal products or contact our managers by email/phone to check the availability of the required drugs.
  2. Once you have found the drugs you need, go to the checkout page to complete the order. There, you will be asked to provide some details about yourself. We always seek to ensure our customers’ safety and protect the privacy of any personal or financial information they share with us.
  3. The last part is to wait for our managers to get back to you by email or phone to confirm the order you have placed and specify the shipping details.

This is a quick process, and as soon as our specialists approve the order, your medicines will be packed and shipped over.

The Innovation Trend in the US Pharma Market in 2019–2020

On December, 31, 2019, the Food and Drug Administration of the USA presented its annual report on medicine approvals. And, according to the data, in 2019 it approved 48 novel medications. Compared to the results of 2018 ― 59 new medications, the number of approvals was reduced. However, one can…

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A Spike In US Tourism To Canada For Cheap Rx Drugs

With prices for prescription medications in the US being what they are, many people today are desperate to find a cheaper and high-quality alternative abroad. Near-border Canadian pharmacies have long become a pilgrimage destination for hundreds and thousands of tourists from the USA who come here looking to buy quality…

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Four Wide-Spread Diseases that Cause Devastation and Economic Decline

Yellow fever, pellagra, hookworm, and malaria are four enervating and life-threatening diseases that exhausted the southern and southeastern states of America in the late 18th and throughout the 19th century, killing and disabling hundreds of thousands of people and bringing devastation, chaos, and economic decline to the affected regions. While…

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