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Being healthy is not a privilege – It is your right

One of the essential things in life is health, and it often turns out to be troublesome to take care of it because of the prices for medical treatment and drugs. Besides, modern life doesn’t give a sufficient amount of time to pay regular visits to our doctors and get prescriptions. New technologies, social media, and numerous medicinal facilities controlled by the medical professionals and experienced physicians finally give us a chance to have regular online consultations and get the desired pills right to the door.

A Leading Healthcare Service with Rich Experience

A lot of people are still wary of buying drugs online either because of negative experiences or general distrust and the fact that you can easily stumble upon providers selling fake drugs. If you want to be completely sure that what you buy is what you get, our online pharmacy is for you. We have numerous positive reviews and have been providing customers with top-quality generic drugs for many years. Being one of the first companies to offer generic medications on such a large scale, we quickly learned what it means to provide truly great services to our customers. It’s important for us to always improve and offer only products that are truly needed. On our site, you will find a detailed description of drugs and how to take them. In this way, you know exactly what you order and there is no place for confusion. If any questions arise, you can get in touch with our team of experts that are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Get Professional Aid

We aim to leave you satisfied. Effectivity of our work depends on how attentive and responsible our staff members are. Our personal approach implies a deep dive into the healthcare issues of our customers. Our clients become one of the most effective tools for the development of our online pharmacy business because they share their positive experience on numerous customer review platforms and provide us with a better reputation in the market.

Our medication therapy staff members have a perfect idea of how to take care of the following issues:

  • Pick out a relevant treatment course in line with your health conditions and the latest results of your medical check-ups;
  • Beat your current health condition and help you improve your well-being in case if you’re suffering from chronic pains and complications;
  • Share essential information and give emergency advice if you experience strokes, heart attacks, blood pressure drops, or other unpredictable health problems.

The simplest way to find out more about our work and choice of meds and services is to get in contact with one of our online staff members and have a consultation free of charge. Our therapists will give you useful advice on how to choose a proper medication. In case if you’re not sure you can explain your problem from the medical point of view, we can contact your physician with your permission.

Be ready to answer the following questions if you need proper and detailed information about a treatment course of your choice:

  • What current health conditions do you have?
  • What kinds of medications do you take regularly?
  • Is it hard for you to deal with medication therapies approved by your doctor?
  • Are you suffering from the unwanted side effects provoked by your current drugs?
  • Do you allow your doctor to monitor you strictly?
  • Do you follow all the doctor’s instructions?
  • Are you worried about the price tags on some of the meds you have to purchase regularly?

If you manage to inform us about your relevant health indicators and unpredictable reactions of your body, you’ll get a thoughtful consultation, as well as the advice from our medical professionals.

Can I transfer my prescription?

Definitely. We cooperate with a significant number of well-known insurance companies. We can transfer your prescription in no time.

What about the notifications?

You can get them regularly after you set up a personal account and sign-up to our newsletters. You’ll be notified about the promotions, seasonal price reductions, refills, and more.

What about the delivery?

We’ve got several delivery options. In case if you opt for privacy, and don’t want your relatives or neighbors know about your health conditions, you can get the parcel at your local post office. We also deliver right to the door, if needed.

The Right Place to Search for Rare Drugs

Buying medicines in pharmacies takes a lot of time due to constant queues and search for the nearest branch with minimal margins on medical products. For this reason, the demand for online stores where you can buy a rare medicine at the best price has increased. My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and reliable online sources to find necessary drugs. It delivers medications throughout the world via prompt courier services. The rarest drugs can be found here, as well. Payment for the purchase of a rare drug is possible via all available electronic methods. Parcels are delivered throughout the world by using transport services.

To find a rare drug at My Canadian Pharmacy, it is necessary to just enter its name in the search box. The advantages of this online store lie in convenient and quick purchase of the sought-after rare medicine with home delivery, as well as its originality certified by the relevant documentation (the pharmacy provides you with certificates for medicinal products upon request). A patient can take advantage of the modern opportunities of the pharmacy’s warehouse.

A buyer will be pleased with the prices indicated on the website. A significant discount is obtained due to the fact that the pharmacy works directly with suppliers and purchases goods at the wholesale price. Moreover, the website is helpful in finding useful tips on health, immunity, beauty and many other interesting information.

Anonymous and Convenient Shopping

When it comes to convenience, online shopping has no competitors. While searching for pleasant purchases is something that you may enjoy doing offline, buying drugs is generally not a past time that people look forward to. You want the entire process to be quick, efficient, and budget-friendly. Our drugstore allows you to buy drugs anonymously and while being comfortable. You can make a thought-out decision in your timing and with no rush. You don’t have to stand in lines or drive around the city in hopes of finding the best deal. What is more, there is no need to worry about running into people you know, if you are someone who prefers not to disclose your personal health matters. Online shopping allows you to save time, money, and effort, so it’s not surprising that so many people prefer to order their drugs from our online platform. 

Quick Shipping – No Need to Wait for Your Order

Fast processing of orders and timely shipping are our priorities. We understand that there is no time for waiting when it comes to your health and you want to start your treatment as soon as possible. Your order gets processed within several hours and we ship out drugs either the same day or the next day, depending on the time you have placed your order. You will be able to choose a convenient time and date, and your order will arrive right to the chosen destination.

Whether you live in the country or abroad, you can expect fast shipping to your address. On average, national shipping takes 3-5 business days while international shipping can take 10-14 days. Once you make your order, you will be able to view your expected delivery time.
Depending on your needs, you can select regular or express delivery of your order. We offer flexible shipping options so you can choose what makes the most sense to you.

Get a Personal Consultation

Understanding how medications work, what you can achieve with them, and how to take them properly is an essential part of any successful treatment. Our team includes medical specialists with extensive experience that can consult you one-on-one and provide you with valuable information. Sometimes, it may not be possible for you to consult a medical professional offline. Or, you may want to have a consultation completely anonymously and get the answers you need in a comfortable way. In these situations, it’s always a great idea to discuss your health concerns with our professionals and receive accurate information regarding medications and how to use them to get the best results.

Your Best Bet

Our individual approach will help you get better and safe from any trouble. Our medication therapy management with experienced professionals in the staff is always ready to:

  • Guide you through our great choice of drugs;
  • Offer individual treatment courses with regular price reductions (up to 20%);
  • Consult you free of charge;
  • Give your money back in case if an inconvenience occurs;
  • Notify you about promotions and refills.

Trust our professionalism and remember that health is your only wealth to keep. It affects the quality of your life and the way you interact with people around.

Feedbacks From My Canadian Pharmacy Customers

“I’ve never thought that professional online help is accessible. You’ve made my day, I had strong discomfort about getting to my local drugstore and purchasing my prescribe ED drugs because I live in a tiny town. You’ve managed to beat my self-doubt.” – Jason Li, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“I don’t have enough time for regular consultations with my physician. Thanks for giving me a hand with my prescription.” – Jenny, UK

“I’m new to Toronto and my American medical prescription includes ED medicines as well as pills for my chronic kidney condition. I’m happy I can get satisfying alternatives at your online pharmacy. Regular discounts are so enjoyable…” – Mikey Muller, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Gosh, you do a marvelous job!” – Jason and Stacy Bingham, Melbourne, Australia

“Thanx for aiding me with my ED treatment. I saved quite a lot and achieved great results!” – Jessy, Vancouver, Canada

“Your regular notifications are so helpful, thanks a lot!!!” – Lucy Grimes, UK

“Your management does a great job. You’re incredibly helpful!” – Randy J, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“Being in your sixties may be quite a burden if you’re in a regular relationship. You regularly help me deal with my ED issues, I’m so thankful.” – J. D., US

“Incredible!!! I spent one third less than I did on my regular prescriptions. Hope it will be effective.” – Stewart D, Georgia, USA

“I’ve always been sure that online pharmacies are a fraud. It’s been such a terrible mistake. You’re amazing!”, James Horner, USA