Plateau Drugs: Welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy

Are you looking for a drug without a prescription or a rare drugstore product? Stop looking around; you are in the right place! MCP is an online pharmacy and a pioneer on the market that launched medicines into the online sale in 2009. On our website, we offer more than 25,000 health and beauty references. There you will find over-the-counter medications, medical devices and drugstore items under the leading brands. Our pharmacy is not only the place where you come to get your medicine, but also an area of exchange with a specialized team. We offer many services and support in the form of individualized consultations in a dedicated and confidential environment. Future parents or young people, we accompany you in the council in food and hygiene before and after the arrival of baby. We have a support program with home delivery, rental of medical equipment or auditing your home to reduce everyday accidents. [product_info]

5 Reasons You are Going to Love Us

Reason № 1 Ideal for self-medication enthusiasts and those who cannot go to pharmacies, our online pharmacy ensures a safe purchase and unmatched quality of service. A team of qualified pharmacists takes care of every detail and remains at your disposal to answer all your questions and requests. Reason № 2 With My Canadian Pharmacy, buying medicines online safely has never been easier. In just a few clicks you will find the nonprescription medicines you need to relieve everyday ailments (tablets for headaches, laxatives for occasional constipation, or an anti-cons diarrhea, veinotonic medications to relieve your heavy legs or hemorrhoids, oily cough or antitussive syrups, homeopathy medications and smoking cessation solutions).  Reason № 3 MCP is one of the Canadian online pharmacies authorized by the Food and Drug Association to sell drugs. Like all Canadian pharmacies and online pharmacies, we are a subject to high standards and quality controls. All medicines on our website come from approved pharmaceutical companies. They are identical to those sold in a traditional pharmacy and come exclusively from official distribution channels. Reason № 4 Most importantly, every order containing non-prescription drugs is checked by a qualified pharmacist so that he can control drug interactions. A questionnaire previously completed by a user provides an individualized response to health problems, medical history and their treatments. This verification is essential, particularly in the context of self-medication. It helps to ensure optimal security when buying and using drugs online. Reason № 5 My Canadian Pharmacy does not only offer drugs online. It also presents you with a wide choice of parapharmacy items: beauty and cosmetic products (face care, anti-wrinkle cream, body care and make-up), hygiene products (shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste), dietary supplements, baby products (baby milk, anti-colic baby bottle, baby washing gel, oleo-limestone liniment) and for mothers before and after pregnancy (pregnancy test, anti-stretch mark cream, milk shot). In case of muscle, joint or bone diseases, it may be necessary to immobilize a limb to treat it. Our pharmacy offers you a selection of orthopedic articles (cervical collar, belt, ankle brace, thumb splint, elbow and knee brace) to support sprains, dislocations, fractures and contention (socks restraints, compression stockings, women's compression tights) to treat venous insufficiency problems such as heavy legs. Reason № 6 In order to better satisfy you and answer all your expectations, the range of articles of MCP evolves every week. You will discover new product ranges released in the pharmaceutical world. Reason № 7 To ensure you buy your products at the best prices, MCP allows you to benefit from special offers and discounts throughout the year. Find all the offers of the moment in the ‘promotions’ section and quickly take advantage from the best brands of the drugstore. To make sure you do not miss anything, sign up now for our newsletter or join us on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Benefit from the best services on the market.

Ultra-Fast Delivery

By ordering from My Canadian Pharmacy, you are guaranteed to receive your order as soon as possible. Thanks to the extent of its permanent stock, your online pharmacy prepares your order the same day and delivers it to you in 24 hours in case an order placed before 18h from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). is the website of the pharmacy where you can pick up your order for free in our physical clinic. Also, MCP undertakes to deliver it in just 2 hours after validation and receipt of the order confirmation email. Thanks to your customer area, you can also send us an order online and order all your medicines, even those available only on prescription. Just scan your prescription and save it to your account. Once the order has been prepared by one of our pharmacists, you can pick up your purchases at the counter and save time.

Customer Service Always at Your Service

Need advice or information about your order? Do you have a specific question about pharmacy and pharmacy products? Our customer service consisting of advisors and pharmacists is available for you around the clock. Contact us on the phone, through the website or via our contact form. My Canadian Pharmacy and its team deliver daily tips and tricks to support you in your health / beauty journey. Find all the expertise of our pharmacists on everyday health issues in our tips and stay informed of the latest news and novelties through our blog and our newsletter. You can also chat with us on social networks and share your experience with our community.

Promotional Codes and Coupons

No one is safe from sudden illness, and medicines may be needed at the most inopportune moment. For a speedy recovery, you need to purchase an impressive list of drugs prescribed by your doctor, and there’s simply no time for trips to dozens of pharmacies. Nevertheless, My Canadian Pharmacy service will come to the rescue. Here, in a matter of minutes, you can order everything that you may need and get a purchase at the nearest pharmacy. Of course, today medications are not encouraging. To save a family budget, before ordering anything, check out the promotional offers collected on our website. We offer you a large number of stocks with which you can reduce spending. You just need to save the promotional code to the clipboard and apply it at checkout so that the price for your purchase decreases.
  • use the Coupon received on the pages of our site;
  • section ‘Discounts’ presents goods at discounted prices;
  • section ‘Promotions’ shows special offers.
Our catalog contains only current promotions that help to make each purchase online with a noticeable benefit. Take advantage of the offers is easy. To do this, use the following guide:
  • check the list on our website to select the most suitable offers for you;
  • open the individual pages of the selected stocks, here you can read the conditions under which a specific discount will be provided;
  • having decided on these points, copy the coupon. To do this, use the context menu;
  • having completed this stage, go to the MCP website;
  • enter the name of the medicine that you intend to purchase, or use the catalog;
  • send those drugs to the Basket that you will buy;
  • complete the order, do not forget to add a coupon in a special window and confirm it.
The discount is activated immediately after the introduction of the promotional code. If this did not happen, the action must have ended. Do not despair, in this case you need to return to our site and choose another option. Sometimes the discount does not work until you have reached the threshold amount. In this case, check the shopping list and add those drugs that you constantly use, for example, painkillers or drugs to lower blood pressure. You will receive a discount - and therefore, all medicines will be at a reduced price.

How to Buy Safe Online?

Today, online pharmacies are very common. Convenience and speed of order execution, however, for many are not a priority service choice. Potential buyers fear the possibility of being deceived by fraudulent websites, which really exist unfortunately. What does the original online pharmacy look like?
  1. The main page of the virtual pharmacy website does not contain intrusive commercials or links to other websites.
  2. The main page is concise and simple, contains a window for entering the desired drug and a search icon.
  3. Below are the addresses of the network of pharmacies, as well as landline and mobile phone numbers.
  4. The schedule of work, information on how to get to the nearest pharmacy is indicated.
After choosing the drugs, a payment method will be offered - cashless payment, cash on delivery or upon receipt of a purchase. It is further proposed to choose a delivery method - by courier to your home, at the nearest pharmacy in the network, at the post office. On this, in fact, the purchase is considered completed. A decent pharmacy network makes a preliminary call to your phone number in order to confirm the order. You have the full right to refuse a purchase simply by changing your mind about making a purchase or if the packaging, integrity of the packaging, contents are violated or the quality is suspicious.