How And Why We Collect Cookie Info

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit certain websites and web shops, and our pharmacy uses them to facilitate your access to our services and make them more bespoke for you. They are used, among other things, to enable features and give the website owner statistics about your visit. Cookies are used to give our website visitors a better experience by saving information about their actions. There are many smart features that work thanks to cookies. Among other things, our site uses cookies to remember that you are logged in so you do not have to log in multiple times.


We keep statistics on how our visitors browse the site. We use tools like Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors, which subpages are the most popular, where the visitors come from and many other things that can be used to improve the site in the future.

Cookies are used, among other things, so that the statistical tools do not count every time a specific person (browser) visits a website as a unique visitor but instead as a visitor. This helps us distinguish how many unique visitors we have and how many visits (sessions) those visitors made in total.

Shopping cart

We save cookies, among other things, when you add products to the shopping cart. This means that you can continue browsing the store without emptying the shopping basket and also that you can leave the store, go to another website, come back and still have the products left.


Polls are another feature that gets better through the use of cookies. A cookie that says you have voted is saved in your browser so you won’t be able to rate same product multiple times. It creates fairer voting results.

Customized advertising

Have you noticed that sometimes ads appear that feel completely tailor-made for you, even if you haven’t visited the site before? It’s like they know you! It’s your cookies that haunt you. When you read about specific products, cookies can be saved that remember what you have read. They are then read by other websites to produce content and ads tailored to you. You can always turn off the browser’s function to save cookies, clear them regularly or browse in incognito mode.

Are cookies dangerous for my computer?

You do not need to worry. A cookie is just a text file and cannot give you viruses on your computer or steal your credit card information. You can also delete all cookies stored in your browser at any time by going to “Clear web information” or similar in the settings.