The Key Points Reflecting Our Contribution To Customer Health & Comfort

Are you seek and tired of online pharmacies that deliver your orders for weeks, without any guarantees and proofs of high quality generics? Plateau Drugs is a different kind of My Canadian Pharmacy. Since 2010’s Plateau Drugs’ expert team takes an individual approach to every order as a keystone of our medical service. Here you can purchase certified and branded medical products, designed to improve sexual health, treat common diseases and provide you with new generic versions of well-known medications.

Why do we offer an individual approach?

Plateau Drugs pharmacy does not just sell affordable medications, we make sure you get the top-notch products that will positively improve the quality of your life. It’s essential for us to make you satisfied with our services. That’s why each customer gets an individual free consultation and assistance during the whole process of choosing, ordering and receiving medications.

In the end, only such approach helps our service to stand out and gain hundreds of positive reviews from happy and healthy customers! Hooray for individual medical services from online My Canadian Pharmacy!

We prefer dealing only with licensed manufacturers of medical products!

We offer only the strongest safe medical products from the trustworthy manufacturers with the most pronounced effect at the prices of the official dealer, with numerous bonuses, gifts and promotions. We strive to provide you with:

  • The most comfortable and convenient payment conditions;
  • 24/7 customer service;
  • Affordable or even free delivery of orders to all locations in the country in various ways;
  • Competent support of individual managers;
  • Professional advice on all types of products from our catalogue;

Here you will find the most relevant and useful recommendations about the most common and serious medical conditions that may save your life!

Unprecedented medical services of Plateau Drugs Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is here to deliver high-end medical products with the best services. We take care of our customers’ health. That’s why our Customer Support service is here to assist 24/7. We know how to improve your life for better! Our expert team prepared a lot of one-of-a-kind services that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Pill Packaging — we help you keep tracking the medication you take on a regular basis. It’s an essential free services for patients who require taking multiple meds or for those people who travel a lot. Our pharmacists will provide the smart pill packaging for you. Every dose of different meds will be packed in a separate individual packet. All packets will be organized by time and date. Make sure to specify that you require pill packaging when making an order from Plateau Drugs;
  • Medication Synchronization — admit, sometimes you just forget about refilling the required medications. Plateau Drugs helps to avoid such unpleasant situation that may negatively impact your health. Thanks to the Medication Synchronization service that we simply call as Med Sync you may participated in a program where staff members assist to coordinate your regular medical refills. You just need to specify these details during your first order at Plateau Drugs and our team will remember this to provide the required refills right on time;
  • Medication Therapy Management or MTM is another service of our individual medical program that is totally free for each customer. Our staff members can help you manage your chronic medical illnesses and conditions. We make sure you will get the life-saving recommendations on such serious medical conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. You may expect getting a free consulting from an experienced healthcare provides. Ask any questions that you need before placing an order;

These are only few reasons why you may like ordering medications from Plateau Drugs. First and foremost, we make sure you stay safe and sound. Not many doctors and drugstores can offer such individual medical programs as we do!