Ask Your Pharmacist – The Most Popular Questions

What should I do to move my prescriptions from another pharmacy?

Choose one of the following variants: come to our pharmacy in person or call us by phone.

Do you accept my prescription card?

Yes, our pharmacy cooperates with most popular insurance companies.

Can I help my mother and receive her prescription? What documents should I have with me?

Yes, sure. You must present your identification document and prove that you are her authorized caregiver.

Can I turn to you for help with the questions about Medicare Part D?

Yes, we have specialists who have completed the corresponding training course.

What if I haven`t managed to receive my prescription at the appointed time?

We will keep it for you for 2 weeks. And in case you do not turn to us during this period of time and contact us later, we will refill it. No problem.

Can I pay for my prescription beforehand using the Internet?

As of today, we accept payments at our pharmacy only.

I have no refills left, can I request them online?

Sure, we will contact your physician and settle this issue for you. While sending a request, provide your phone number and we will call you to inform about the results.

Do you offer the delivery of prescriptions?

Please, contact us by phone to find out if such a service is available. Use the phone number 1 (315) 4101 309.