Find Out Your Order Status At Any Given Moment

Order tracking

If you need to know the status of your order, you can always do so yourself by following the link to your current order either from the confirmation email or from your personal space on our website; note that you need to be logged in on the website in order to use this feature.

If the status update of your order does not show or in case the order is being delayed and you cannot track it using the delivery service, please contact our Customer Support for prompt assistance.

Regular Air Mail And Express Delivery

Mailbox packages are sent internationally with a normal delivery time of 1-3 weeks. Express delivery packages can be shipped within the US; we currently only offer order tracking services to the US customers only.

Refrigerated goods, temperature-sensitive goods, large packages or goods requiring special control cannot be sent as mailbox packages. You will get more information about this when you place your order. Note that the contents of mailbox packages can also be sensitive to very high or low temperatures, especially if exposed for a longer period of time.

In case you have an envelope delivered through a postal slot in the door in your apartment, please also note that medicines should be stored inaccessible to children and pets. If the envelope does not fit in the mailbox / postal slot, the envelope is left and the mailing can then be picked up at the designated postal representative.

Post office

Credentials are required when picking up packages. Please note that goods requiring cold storage cannot be sent as postal packages.

Home delivery

Delivery takes place during the hours designated by the chosen courier service. The customer must be at home to receive the shipment. The delivery time varies depending on where the shipment is to be sent and when the order is placed. More detailed information about the delivery time is obtained when the order is placed.