Conditions & Policies Of Ordering Plateau Drugs

Terms Of Sale

The following terms of purchase apply to the sale of prescription drugs and products from PlateauDrugs assortment to private individuals. By ordering you accept these terms of purchase.

To buy prescription drugs from PlateauDrugs through our website you must be 18 years of age. To buy prescription drugs on our website you must have undergone an in-office examination by a healthcare practitioner.

Customers who shop at our website are asked when ordering to enter a counseling code that is used to identify the customer in case of contact between the customer and PlateauDrugs. In cases where PlateauDrugs needs to contact the customer and this is not possible or if identification cannot be carried out by the customer, PlateauDrugs reserves the right to cancel the order.

Our pharmacy further reserves the right to cancel orders containing incorrect personal information and / or if the customer has payment remarks.

A purchase is binding only when the order is confirmed by an order confirmation from PlateauDrugs to the e-mail address you specified when ordering. In the event that you have placed multiple orders, PlateauDrugs reserves the right to merge these orders and deliver them in one package. If you order prescription drugs to several people at the same login time, this is counted as an order.

The products that PlateauDrugs sells can be used in any country of the world and have a manual or instructions for use in English when required by the drug. Usual guarantees are provided on products where the warranty is applicable and any guarantees are valid internationally and only for first-time buyers. More information can be found in the respective product’s instruction manual.


Cancellation can be made before the delivery of the order has begun and can only be done by emailing our Customer Service, or call our customer service on the landline contact number that can be found on the respective page of our website. After the order has been processed and delivery of the order has begun, you cannot cancel the delivery.


Any shipping cost will depend on which shipping option you choose when ordering. All prices are updated regularly. PlateauDrugs reserves the right for any misstatements and other errors in the product information as well as for final sales, stock differences, technical problems etc. Our pharmacy further reserves the right to cancel erroneous orders to the extent permitted by applicable consumer law.


At checkout you can choose from the following payment methods; credit card payment or eCheck. At the time of purchase, a credit check may be made (see further under the respective payment methods) which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. If a credit report is taken, a copy will be sent to you by mail.

Shipping and delivery

When you place your order on PlateauDrugs, only the delivery method(s) that are relevant for the goods or medicines that you have ordered will be displayed.