Get Prescription Medicines Delivered To Your Very Doorstep

Have you ever skipped taking your medication because you did not have time to drop by a pharmacy to refill the prescription on the way home? How often do you find yourself having a terrible headache or stomach cramps in the middle of the night with nothing there to soothe the pain?

My Canadian Pharmacy is here to make sure you never run low on your drug supply at the worst possible time. We are a reputed pharmaceutical care provider who can be trusted to look after your every need for medicines.

We offers convenient door delivery of any medications you need, be it a rare, hard-to-find prescription drug, over-the-counter meds, or just some health and beauty products. Home delivery from MCP is a safe way to receive up to 3 months’ worth of medication supply straight to your doorstep. If you are already using our service, we urge you not to wait until you run out of your medicine and request a refill now.

The Dangers of Not Getting Your Medication Refilled In Time

A failure to adhere to your prescribed regimen of medication can cost you dearly. The statistics on the matter are grim: up to 30% of all prescriptions issued by doctors are never filled in, and half of the medications for chronic problems are taken improperly.

There are a few reasons why this happens: patients do not trust their doctor’s judgment but do not seek the second opinion; or they are afraid of any adverse reactions to the prescribed medications; or they simply fail to refill their prescription in time and either miss days and weeks of treatment, or quit taking the drugs altogether.

While solving the first two problems requires a complex, multi-disciplinary approach, getting timely prescription refills is a manageable issue. All it takes is a reliable home delivery pharmacy that will remind you about the need to make an inventory of the available medication reserves and request a refill, which will then be delivered to your house. My Canadian Pharmacy is one such service.

The Advantages of Having Your Medicines Home Delivered to You

  • It is cost-effective. The majority of brick-and-mortar pharmacies are forced to charge more for their goods to cover the rent and payroll costs. When you order home delivery of medications from My Canadian Pharmacy, you always get a fair deal.
  • It saves you time and the need to drive to your local pharmacy for a prescription refill now and then. Besides, with home delivery, you never risk breaking your medication regimen if your required drugs are out of stock at the pharmacy.
  • It eliminates the possibility of getting your order wrong. Before packing and shipping the order, our experienced pharmacists thoroughly check it against your prescription to make sure everything is as it should be.

How to Place a Home Delivery Order with My Canadian Pharmacy?

Placing an order is an easy 3-step process that only takes minutes to complete.

  • Step 1. Go to our classified online catalog listing all the available meds and find the needed medication.
  • Step 2. Proceed to the checkout page to securely enter the required payment details and delivery address. Also, review the list of our free supplementary services you might want to try.
  • Step 3. Expect a callback from your manager to verify the order information and discuss the shipping details.

  1. *For first-time customers ordering home delivery of prescription medicine, we might ask you to provide us with the prescription form or its copy.
  2.  **If the order you are placing is an urgent one, do not forget to mention that you want overnight delivery when talking to our managers.

Contact us via phone, email, or fax with any questions on the medications and services that My Canadian Pharmacy offers. Our friendly managers will be happy to help you.