Penegra (Generic Viagra / Sildenafil) for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


Penegra Ensures Unforgettable Sex

According to statistics, around a half of men above 45 years of age at least once had erectile issues. And these are figures of official statistics which take into account only patients with erectile dysfunction who applied for medical consultation. Most men came across ED but preferred to keep this problem in secret being afraid of rumors and mockeries. Nevertheless, erectile issue is easily solved by a great variety of medicines boosting potency. Penegra is distinguished among many drugs for ED at pharmaceutical market with its perfect performance and insignificant adverse effects. Penegra is produced by Indian manufacturer Zydus Fortiza. A lot of medical trials and customers reviews have confirmed Penegra’s efficiency.

When the Male Power Is Doubtful

This is an imposed stereotype that a man wants sex 24/7 and that he preserves this inexpugnable desire in spite of his age and other particularities of organism. This is just triteness. Real life demonstrates quite the contrary: when men have potency issues their possibilities in bed disappear. It is useless to look for a magic pill, whereas potency regulator will be quite sufficient. Among the variety of famous medications taking instant effect on male organism, Penegra entered to TOP rating. It resembles Viagra in accordance with spectrum of action, since it is also a potency regulator of the first generation.

Qualitative Viagra Generic Offered by Plateau Drugs

Pharmaceutical market development allows solving a lot of issues with potency. Medicinal products for erectile dysfunction are widely represented in pharma network. Nevertheless, some of them were not available for broad spectrum of men due to dearness. Generics could change the situation on the pharmaceutical market. Any Viagra generic is much cheaper than the original, whereas its quality is analogical as well as its chemical composition. There is a variety of countries-manufacturers, but it happened so that primary suppliers of Europe and America are Indian producers. Distribution of generics allowed many men to meet needs in medicinal products and diversify presentation forms of the originals. The specialty among generics is undoubtfully medication of new generation, Penegra of Indian origin. This drug guarantees the capacity of erection to last at least four hours.

Recommended dosage of the medication is 50mg, i.e. half of the pill. But taking into account the optimal dosage, it is worth starting with 0,5 pills and increasing it to 100mg. One tablet is to be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. Medications of this type in case of not severe problems with potency, should be taken once required. Regular administration is advised in case of serious problems with sexual life or during therapy course based on doctor’s prescription.

happe-couple-smart-pharmacyThe most important condition of erection occurrence is presence of natural sexual excitement. Penegra mode of action is based on blood stream to penis. This is helpful in causing natural erection. Sildenafil citrate is the main component takes its action only in case of such stimulation; when sexual activity terminates, penis acquires its relaxed state. Therefore, Penegra is not to be referred to sexual stimulants or aphrodisiacs. The stimulator is sexual arousal where medication helps organism to effectuate natural reactions.

Sildenafil citrate became the first in the group of medicines acquiring the name of PDE5 inhibitors and being able to vasodilate blood vessels of sexual organ in case of sexual excitement.

Penegra is issued in the form of tablets designed for peroral administration with a bit of water. One pill is for one intake, but may be divided. The medication includes other agents, but they do not participate in erection. But they may be allergens for some patients. Penegra is not to be taken in any dosage, since earlier there were observed allergic reactions on any component of the drug including rash, itch, edema or labored breathing. It is prohibited to co-administer Penegra with nitrates-containing medicines or remedies which are nitrogen oxide donors.

Penegra Introduction

Penegra is a modernized medication which may be called panacea for men. The primary ingredients of the drug struggle against erectile dysfunction. The dosage is perfect for moderate and severe degree of ED.

But how can we understand that this medication is suitable for treatment of particularly your degree of erectile dysfunction? Here is a short summary:

  • Initial stage (rare erectile issues, penis is insignificantly lax);
  • Moderate stage (regular problems with erection, it is never possible to achieve erection);
  • Severe stage (erection doesn’t occur on its own, or never occurs).

Sildenafil is active substance of Penegra eliminating the afore-mentioned symptoms, since it inhibits the action of PDE5 enzyme. Thus, Penegra influences erection occurrence, relaxing penis tissues to fill them with blood. Moreover, it is not important which cause (psychological or physiological) seizes male sexual attraction.

Penegra’s auxiliary agents are the following: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogenphosphate (ahydrous), sodium croscarmellose, stearate magnesium, hypromellose, titanium monoxide, lactose, triacetin, indigo carmine, aluminum lake.

Penegra is an effective generic of famous Viagra which restores sound potency and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation. The remedy is designed for boost of sexual life quality and therapy of systematic impairment of erectile functioning. Penegra allows enhancing potency level, improving erection, performing several sexual intercourses for one intake. The medication increases sensitivity of nerve endings of penis and erogenous zones which results in pleasant feelings and maximally sensitive orgasm.

Penegra doesn’t have any age limits. It may be used in course during several weeks and doesn’t build up tolerance within regular administration. Sildenafil action lasts not less than six hours during which a man feels burst of energy and vivacity, enhancement of endurance and bright emotional feelings from sex.

Advantages: Why Is It Worth Buying Penegra?

The majority of men stay one on one with their problems. Instead of get examined by specialists, they deny themselves pleasure and set a veto on their sexual life without understanding that they place restrictions on their partners. In case ED became a secret problem, estimate the advantages of the efficient medicine now in order to make an important purchase.

The undeniable benefits are the following:

  • Safe ingredients;
  • Instantaneous effect;
  • Elimination of impotency (in all forms);
  • Enhancement of sensitivity during coitus.

Due to the first-generation medication, you will have firm erection and unforgettable outburst in relations.

Mode of Action

Penegra works the same way as Viagra. Being active substance, sildenafil relaxes muscular tissue of organs making it more elastic and resilient. Relaxed smooth muscle cells of penis do not prevent from active blood supply to cavernous bodies. As a result, erection becomes solid and long-lasting. Sildenafil takes inhibiting action on PDE5 enzyme causing vasodilation of penis blood cells. Ejaculation occurs later, and the time of sexual activities prolongs.

Sildenafil causes the following processes:

  • Stimulation of seminal fluid emission;
  • Acceleration of semen motility;
  • Increase of testosterone level in blood.

Penegra takes a perfect anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Resulting from regular Penegra usage, men observe improvement of sexual system microflora, and male organism struggles against bacteria and infections more effectively.

Posology and Administration

First of all, only your attending doctor can decide which dose of Penegra to choose. Most men take it in quantity of 50mg. Anyway, in accordance with efficiency and tolerability of the medication, the dosage may be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg.

Penegra should be taken 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Swallow the whole pill and drink it with a bit of water. Penegra may be taken not oftener than once a day. Sildenafil citrate causes erection only in case of sexual excitement. It cannot result in spontaneous erection without sexual stimulation. Penegra impact starts at different time in various men. Nevertheless, generally Penegra takes its action 30 minutes – 1 hour after the intake and lasts 4-6 hours. After nutritious food, Penegra action may occur later. Alcohol usage may lead to temporary erection impairment; therefore, it is not recommended taking a lot of alcoholic beverages along with Penegra.

To sum up:

  • Recommended dose of 50mg is taken around 1 hour prior to expected sexual intercourse.
  • Dose may be increased (to 100mg) or decreased (to 25mg) in accordance with effectiveness and tolerability.
  • Maximal daily dosage is 100mg.
  • Frequency of intake is once a day.
  • Elderly people and patients suffering from impaired hepatic or renal functioning have the same scheme of administration.

In case Penegra doesn’t assist in commencing of erection or lasts not enough for fully-realized sex, you are required to consult a doctor.

When Is Penegra Indicative?

The medicine is indicative to men suffering from frustration with their sexual life resulting from low sexual activity. Penegra is effective in case of impaired erectile function which is characterized by time-limited erection and premature ejaculation. The remedy is useful in case of reproductive function failures and hormone imbalance.

Against hardened beliefs that erectile dysfunction is the disease of men at middle and elderly age, pathology is often diagnosed among men up to 30 years of age.

Quality of erection is influenced by the following factors:

  • Inflammation of organs of genito-urinary system;
  • Administration of hormonal medicines;
  • Imbalanced nutrition;
  • Alcohol misuse;
  • Smoking;
  • Narcotic drugs;
  • Steroids;
  • Stresses;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Nervous disturbance.

Penegra helps to minimize negative manifestations of adverse factors, restore and maintain sexual health of a man. Also, Penegra may be used as an auxiliary agent in case of complex therapy of infertility and prostatitis. The remedy is suitable for impotency prophylactics.

Effect of Penegra

Penegra’s key action lies in activation of blood circulation in pelvic organs. The medication takes positive impact on overall state of a patient: after the intake, a man feels enhanced vital energy and sensitivity. The remedy allows a patient to have a number of qualitative sexual intercourses within several hours. Penegra action starts with insignificant cardiac and breathing acceleration. Erection is enhanced under the influence of Penegra is absolutely controllable. It gets steady during sexual excitement and weakens after sex. Penegra is not a stimulant of erection. Invigorating and boosting effect is observed only after natural excitement.

Penegra Contraindications

Primary active substance of Penegra falls into the group of selective inhibitors. Therefore, there is a number of contraindications due to health condition when the intake of Penegra is prohibited. First of all, such contraindications include allergic reaction to sildenafil. In order to avoid side-effects and serious problems with health, a patient must exclude presence of personal intolerability of drug’s ingredients.

Contraindications are as follows:

  • Chronic cardiac pathologies;
  • Hepatic or renal failure;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Hereditary diseases of eye retina;
  • Underlying risk for bleeding;
  • Penis injuries and inflammations.

Penegra should be taken with due care if a patient suffers from impairment of endocrine, nervous, and blood circulatory system. The medicine is not recommended to be taken in case of high arterial blood pressure, within the first year after heart or apoplectic attack, as well as during rehabilitation of operative treatment. Penegra is contraindicative to persons under 18 years of age and women.

If you suffer from one of the below-mentioned conditions, you should inform your doctor before using Penegra:

  • sickle-cell disease;
  • leukemia (blood cells cancer);
  • erythroid myeloma (bone marrow cancer);
  • penis deformation.

When treated by means of medications influencing erection impairment, people suffering from the following diseases must be extra cautious:

  • rare disease of eyes called pigmented retinitis;
  • peptic ulcer or disorders accompanied by bleedings (in particular hemophilia). These diseases may be influenced adversely by sildenafil citrate.

Penegra is not to be combined with other remedies for ED treatment.

Combination with Alcohol

Penegra is not to be combined with alcoholic beverages. Sildenafil constituting the primary part of the medicine, is not compatible with ethanol. The latter doesn’t only decrease efficiency of the drug, but also boosts its concentration in blood plasma which results in the fact that a man may experience unforeseen reactions of organism. Penegra intake along with alcoholic drinks is extremely dangerous with severe adverse effects, organism intoxication, impaired chronic disorders and poisoning.

Penegra with Fatty Food

Fatty food affects adversely the efficiency of medicinal products, as well as biologically active substances and some groups of polyvitamins. Lipids coat the stomach and its walls preventing from fast and qualitative absorption of useful microelements in blood. Such action leads to slow digestion of components and decrease of their efficiency. In order to achieve high-performance therapy, a patient should refuse food with fat content not higher than 30%.

Penegra Side-Effects

Penegra causes side-effects in case of overdose and presence of individual intolerability to substances. In majority of cases, adverse effects are not dangerous for health. They disappear on their own within several hours. The remedy may cause occurrence of the following side-effects: throbbing pain in temples, vertigo, short-term vision impairment, lacrimation, stuffiness in nose, rhinitis, weakness, and slight malady.

Men can also have the following

  • Hypertension;
  • Nasal bleeding;
  • Blushing to face and neck;
  • Backache;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomit;
  • Diarrhea.

In case side-effects do not disappear within two or three hours and man’s condition deteriorates, immediate medical attendance is required.

Penegra Overdose

In case of incorrect administration of the medication, a patient may have adverse effects, such as poisoning and aggravation of chronic pathologies. A patient is required to study Penegra instruction thoroughly, choose optimal dosage and avoid taking it more than once a day. Maximal daily dose of sildenafil which is safe for one administration is 100mg. If this dose is exceeded, the drug’s efficiency is not enhanced, whereas risk of side-effects gets increased considerably. The first symptoms of overdose should be direct warning to consult a doctor immediately. To relieve the symptoms, a patient will be prescribed gastric lavage and intake of some medicines.

Drug Interactions

Penegra doesn’t interact with the drugs containing nitrogen oxides, inhibitors of other kinds, and nitrates. Combination of these substances with sildenafil is dangerous for health. Also, Penegra is not to be co-administered with drugs for HIV, antidepressants, amphetamines, and alpha-adrenergic blocking agents. Before therapy of chronic diseases with medications not containing the indicated drugs, a patient should make sure of medications compatibility before using Penegra. This product may be used along with biologically active supplements, vitamin-mineral complexes, amino acids, sport supplements.

Penegra Storage Requirements

Penegra is to be stored under special conditions. The environment must be cool and dry. Store not above 20 degrees above zero. Do not freeze Penegra, do not damage its package. Study instruction before administration. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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